Top Tips on…how to set up your own business #3

#3 Identify your target customer, tailor your marketing efforts accordingly

Do you know who you will be selling to? What do your customers like? How do they like to make their purchases? Do you know where to find these clients?

Having a wonderful product or service is no use if you cannot find the person to sell to. You must know who to reach and how to reach the consumer looking for exactly what you are selling. And for them to buy from you, they must be able to relate to your message.

Remember our baby jumpers from Tip #1? That target market is mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else with babies in their lives, right? But that’s not all.

Do an informal market analysis and consider for example: Where is that audience located? How will you get them interested in your product or service? How would you like them to perceive your brand?

Write a description of your ideal client and use it as a base for your marketing message. Then, create the marketing tools you need to present what you sell.

Consider that in today’s world, having a solid presence on the internet is no longer an option, it is a Must. Have a website, a social media strategy and place Google ads.
Go digital!


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