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Self-isolation/lockdown day #7

It’s been one full week since our family decided to consistently practice social distancing. No meeting friends for our boys or for us, and no visits to grandma. Effectively no contact with anyone, other than digitally. Food shopping is done with mask and gloves.

We sigh a breath of relief when a day has passed without anyone of us developing a sore throat, cough or fever. We count our blessings all the time and send positive vibes and strength to those less fortunate than us these days.

Who would have ever thought that in our lifetime, we would so suddenly be living in a world so surreal? It’s a bit like watching a ‘virus-infects-the-world’ disaster movie, except that we’re all in it.

Nevertheless, for every Yin there is a Yang, even with this effing virus. There are dolphins in Venice’s canals, ducks in city fountains, clear skies over China, and with pollution-free streets across the world, the previously alarming CO2 emissions have drastically been reduced. Community spirit has vastly improved and people are finding new ways to connect.

Most importantly, this lockdown has gifted us the luxury of time. Time to do nothing. Time to do everything. Time for ourselves. Time for each other. None of that constant rushing around. And you know what else? Statistically speaking, we are apparently still more likely to win in the lottery should we play it, than die from the virus should we become infected.

But yes, it is hard to keep trying to find the brighter side of it all when our world is turned upside down. It is normal to be scared and we must allow ourselves a break to properly process the shock, openly express our feelings and have a really good cry in order to come out stronger. The resulting acceptance of the new normal is key to continuity, one day at a time.

Our children are looking to us for guidance and reassurance. Let’s try not to let that fear of the unknown take over, let’s do everything we can to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit.

While many things seem out of our control right now, we can all still personally contribute to keeping the virus from spreading further and avoid the collapse of our healthcare system.

Stay home. Save a life. Stay healthy.


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