What does your child really think of you?

No matter what parenting style we consider ourselves to have, our children are bound to have their own interpretation of it.

The same goes for what they truly think about us.

We may think we know, but the reality of what actually goes on in their minds could be quite different.

Well, wonder no more…we’ve got some questions you can ask your kids that will help you uncover their true thoughts on mum (and dad too of course, just change the questions accordingly!).

You can make a conversation out of it, or you can ask them to write down their answers and go through the replies together. Either way, there will be loads of laugher, fun and enlightenment ahead. Promise!

Here we go:

11 Questions to ask Mum

  1. What makes mum happy?
  2. What makes mum sad?
  3. How do you know mum loves you?
  4. What is mum really good at?
  5. What is mum’s least favourite thing to do?
  6. What does mum always say to you?
  7. If mum were a character in a book, TV show or movie, who would she be?
  8. If mum won a million Euros, what would she do with the money?
  9. What is the most important thing mum has taught you?
  10. What makes you proud of mum?
  11. What do you most like doing together with mum?

Have fun!

…and please feel free to add your own questions for all of us in the comments section below, the more the merrier!



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