What kids can learn from animals

As the old adage goes: a dog is man’s best friend. This can be expanded to mean that animals are people’s best friends. All pet owners can agree with this, but there is still some hesitation when it comes to introducing an animal to a small child or a baby. Naturally, there’s parents are afraid their children will get hurt, but with proper preparation, they will surely become the best of buddies. In addition to this, scientific research has shown that children can learn a lot while growing up with a pet.

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Since kids are usually prone to all kinds of allergies and common illnesses, being around animals can be very beneficial for them. While playing outside and touching their pets, the kids develop a strong immune system that prevents disease and reduces chances of developing allergies. In the era of gadgets, kids often don’t want to play outside, which is why having a pet is a good idea. Having to take them outside means more physical exercise for the young ones.

Other than physical health, pets are also known to be helpful when it comes to developing cognitive and social skills. Kids that have issues with confidence or spending time with other kids and adults can learn to relax and be more open with their pets. This happens because they don’t have to worry that they’ll be mocked and bullied. When kids start learning to read, it helps if they practice with animals, since they’ll avoid stage fright and gain more confidence.


It’s important for the parents to explain the kids that having a pet doesn’t mean just playing and cuddling. Instead of doing all the ‘dirty’ work, moms and dads should introduce, step by step, ways in which the child can take care of their furry friend their favourite Royal Canin, whereas the older kids can do more serious tasks, such as buying pet supplies online.

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Spending time with an animal means that the child picks up its emotions and the way it acts. For example, if a family member is crying, a dog is almost always going to come and try to give comfort through cuddling, licking, or offering its favorite toy. Here lies a great lesson for the child: compassion and empathy. That way, the child will know they should hug and comfort a friend in distress, instead of being rude and mocking.

Other than pets, it might be an interesting idea to introduce kids to the world of wild animals. One of the ways to do this is a visit to the zoo, where parents should point out specific animal behaviors, such as a lioness playing with her cub. This can make them appreciate animals even more and see things they’ve only read about so far.

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The Internet is filled with footage of animals being the best babysitters, and it’s adorable and fun, showing that pets usually consider themselves the protectors of the youngest. As they grow up, children can learn that as well, helping those in need.

And last but not least: animals know how to have fun! This may be the most valuable of all the lessons they can teach us (both kids and adults). We spend so much time worrying and planning that we tend to forget how to live in the moment, when we should instead follow the example of our pets and simply enjoy ourselves – along with them!

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