Harley Ladybug Trunki is looking for a new home!

trunki harley.jpg

The revolutionary ride-on suitcase for kids, Trunki is colourful, fun and super-stable. It features integrated wheels, steering ‘horn’ grips and a contoured saddle allowing kids to safely ride their luggage through the terminal. And if they get tired of riding around duty free they can take Trunki for a walk using its sturdy towing strap. Genius!

For your chance to enter the prize draw and a shot at winning Harley, all you have to do is find her a new name. Do you think she looks like a Harley? Here at MiC we don’t. We think she looks more like a Lara, or a Lisa or a Lilly.

So, over to you! Get creative and send me a mail either via the site or directly to with the following information:

The name you found for Ladybug Trunki, your name, town and mobile number.

All answers will go into the prize draw box and the winning entry will be picked out at random by our sons in an after-breakfast-prize-draw-ceremony on Sunday, October 24th.

Good luck!!

Trunki is kindly sponsored by our friends at the Catalogue House in Nicosia, so even if you’re not lucky this time, you can always order Terrance, Trixie or Harley from them directly via

Trunki is luggage for little people!

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