WIN – Your own personal Mummy Cards

The most important job we have is that of being a parent. So why not have the matching business card to go with it? 

This week’s competition comes to you thanks to our collaboration with the remarkable Stella Komninou from Stellina Creations. She has designed over 15 different cards for the CEOs of families: Mums!

In Stella’s words “mummies are proud of their children, they are proud of their families and they are proud to call themselves Mums! This line of mummy businesscards makes sure the rest of the world takes notice.. Mums rule! They are true businesswomen. And their businesscards are there to prove it!”


I couldn’t agree more. No more searching for a pen and writing on pieces of paper from the bottom of your bag when you need to give out your number!

You can use the cards for nurseries and schools, playdates and parties when you drop off your kid, and for classes outside school. You can add them to birthday/thank you cards, and you can use them in lieu of your old work business cards.

Curious? Check them out online on Stellina Creations’ website here and here for the facebook fans.  And while you’re there, have a good look around. Because to enter the draw to win your own personal Mummy Cards we would like to know the answer to this question:

What are the 10 services offered by Stellina Creations?

Send your reply to for your chance to enter our lucky draw and stay tuned. On March 24th the winner will be announced via this blog and our social media channels.

Meanwhile, feel free to pick your favourite design of Mummy Cards just in case you win…if not, you could always treat yourself to a set!

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